Tuesday, December 27, 2005

RTA Trip Planner Makes Visiting Chicago a Breeze

Looking for a way to get around Chicago? Try the online RTA Trip Planner.
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Just plug in a starting and ending address, cross street, or an already named destination (see the drop down box for the pre-selected locations). If you are staying at the event hotel, use the Rosemont Convention Center choice as your start and/or end point. The Rosemont Convention Center is right across the road from our event hotel. Add approximate times that you would like to travel and the trip planner will give you specific directions to the subway, bus, or train. They also tell the time of the stop and how much it will cost to ride.

The trip planner will take some of the stress out of visiting a new city, and be helpful to you if you want to explore some of Chicago's destinations.


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