Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Vendor Spotlight: Document History LLC

When you see Mark Kohls at Booth 911 don’t expect to see him running. That doesn’t mean he won’t be eager to assist you with your purchases. It simply means that Mark will be in the Chicago area for something less grueling than the Chicago Marathon.
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Mark’s last Chicago Marathon run was in 2000. “It was a horrible race for me,” Mark said. He became dehydrated, which forced him to walk a good part of the way. “That was my worst race ever, though the crowds were fantastic!” he said of his experience.

Kohls is expecting fantastic crowds at the NGS conference as well. His company, Document History LLC, will mark its first year exhibiting at the national conference. He will be promoting a new product, Life Story Recording.

Life Story Recording is a service that helps people pass on their experiences, life lessons, and values to their children, grandchildren and the generations to follow.

Kohls feels that many people find it difficult to start their autobiography. Getting parents and grandparents to begin theirs can be tricky too. He believes the best way to start is with a comprehensive telephone interview followed by publication on CDs or DVDs. Document History provides nationwide interviewing 24x7. Their customers can give copies of their life stories to all of their family members.

While researching his wife’s family, Kohls conducted many interviews and learned their value. These were the inspiration for the founding of his company. “I have found out how incredibly useful oral biographies are for gathering family stories and getting an in-depth understanding of our ancestors. So many people who publish family history have far too little of these,” Mark adds.

A genealogist for 16 years, Kohls serves on the board of the Bay Area Genealogical Society [WI].

If your family story is waiting to be told, stop to visit Mark Kohls at the Document History LLC booth - if you can catch him!


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