Thursday, January 19, 2006

Vendor Spotlight: Fun Stuff for Genealogists, Inc.

Bev Petersen never used to think of herself as "fun" until she started doing genealogy and realized that there is humor in this hobby. “Who else tracks dead people?” she says. Indiana based Fun Stuff for Genealogists was created because Bev felt that there were not enough trinkets offered to genealogists to allow them to show off their love of the hobby.
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One day at an antique show Bev spotted a beautiful antique family tree chart. She put her printing background to work after buying it, and reprinted it because her genealogy friends told her they would buy one. The 1888 Family Tree Photo Holder was printed, and yes, her friends bought them.

As the saying goes, the rest was history. That was 1998. She went on the road. After losing money at her first genealogy conference as a vendor, she realized she needed to sell more items. Her next item was a tee shirt. When that was well received, along came a mug, and on and on. Bev now carries over 500 items for the genealogist and family historian.

Items include magnifiers, clip-art, jewelry, embroidered cardigan sweatshirts, blue jean shirts, tee shirts, canvas bags, historic map reproductions, archival items, mugs, pedigree charts of all sizes and shapes, rubber stamps, scrap booking supplies, journals, bibs and shirts for babies and kids, novelty items like pens, letter openers, coin purses, bumper stickers and much more.

You can see Bev and her "fun stuff" at booths 514, 516 and 518, or if you can't wait until June, you can see her web site at where you will also find the store address and a toll free number. Bev says she tries hard to get items out within a day or two of the order, unless she is at a national seminar and out of town.

We can’t wait to see Bev and Fun Stuff in Chicago!


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