Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Vendor Spotlight: Photo Grafix

Eric C. M. Basir owns Photo Grafix, a photo restoration studio serving genealogists nationwide. A popular vendor at local genealogy conferences, Eric’s humble and friendly manner combined with his skill and attention to detail make everyone stopping to see his exhibits feel welcome. The sample before and after photos he displays are a testament to the quality of his work and showcase his strong background in photography and art.
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Many people avoid photo restoration, balking at the thought of having their precious photos lost in the mail or by a careless laboratory. A real comfort to potential customers is that Eric will scan their photos at his booth and return them the same day. He has no limitations on the quality or color of the photos. Each rip, stain, and missing piece are simply a challenge that he enjoys taking on. A reasonable fee structure makes his booth’s service hard to pass up. If you are up for the challenge, a do-it-yourself photo restoration video will be available.

Eric combines his love for photography and photo restoration with a passion for trains. He has observed and researched some of the branch lines of the former Chicago and Northwestern and Milwaukee Road lines. Eric has pointers for railroad buff genealogists coming to Chicago. “If you have some time between sessions, take a look around town at the few remaining switching operations near downtown. The Weber and Skokie subdivisions of the former Chicago and Northwestern have a personal connection to me since I have been photographing them for about 10 years. They are now just about gone. I had the honor of working with one of that railroad's foremost historians in the creation of the books about the subdivisions.” Eric’s favorite rail website is He has more railroad website and book recommendations. Ask him about them when you visit his booth.

Eric also writes a syndicated column for genealogy and historical societies.

For a sneak peek at Eric’s restoration work check out his website at

Say hello to Eric at Booth 814 and bring those beloved family photos along!


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