Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Speaker Spotlight: Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson is the Curator of Local and Family History at the Newberry Library. In his lecture, History of Genealogy at the Newberry Library, he will look at the history of genealogy in the United States by focusing on the Newberry Library. The Newberry, established in 1887, has one of the oldest genealogy collections in the U.S., and it has changed along with the genealogical field over the last 119 years. For those who find this topic dull, Jack promises to cover the following subjects in his talk:
Keep Reading About Jack Simpson

* Transporting a body in a barrel of rum
* The suicide of a frustrated inventor
* The closest thing to, circa 1915
* John F. Kennedy’s “secret first marriage”

He will also answer questions about using the collections at the Newberry, and Chicago research in general. Jack is the co-author (with Matt Rutherford) of A Bibliography of African-American Family History at the Newberry Library (available for purchase here: He also contributed several chapters to Grace Dumelle’s Finding Your Chicago Ancestors. To keep up with events at the Newberry, read the Newberry’s genealogy weblog:


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