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Genealogy Jaunts: Wisconsin Historical Society

Visitors to the NGS Conference in Chicago may want to set aside some extra research time at the Wisconsin Historical Society Library on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. It was at this society that Lyman Copeland Draper served as corresponding secretary from 1854 until his retirement in 1886.

Yes, that Draper.

Yes, those manuscripts.

Yes, this library!
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In addition to the Draper materials, the building also houses the Wisconsin state archives which plays host to the original records of the Mineral Point land office. If your ancestors were among the so-called “badgers” of the lead mining region, a visit to the archives will be well worth the effort.

Along with the state archives, the collections of the historical society library include an astounding array of historic journals, newspapers and published local histories and family genealogies. The scope, while obviously strongest for Wisconsin, is exceptional for its coverage of the New England states and New York, as well. Federal census schedules through 1930 and Canadian census holdings from colonial times (1666) through 1901 are available for use.

In addition to explicitly “genealogical” materials, the library houses a wide-ranging array of journals of historical interest: labor newsletters, city directories, church directories and yearbooks and statistical analysis of all sorts. The library is also an official depository library for the United States government, including maps and other assorted materials worth considering.

Getting to the state library will be a simple task for attendees at Rosemont. A round-trip shuttle bus from O’Hare to downtown Madison runs throughout the day and into the night. Madison-bound customers are literally dropped at the library’s door! The terminal stop is at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Memorial Student Union at 800 Langdon Street. The historical society’s library sits between Langdon and State Street, just across from the Union, at 816 State Street.

The Van Galder/Coach USA bus departs from O’Hare for Madison as early as 6:00 a.m., reaching Madison at 9:35 a.m. The last return bus from Madison to O’Hare makes its departure at 6:00 p.m., reaching O’Hare at 9:10 p.m. Round-trip adult fares are $48.00.

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