Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hot Dogs! Get Yer Hot Dogs!!

So, now that you know what Chicago Style Pizza is, the next logical question is: What is a Chicago Style Hot Dog? The uniqueness of a hot dog from the Windy City is not so much in the dog itself, as it is in the goodies packed with it on the bun.
More About Chicago Style Hotdogs!

The true Chicago Style dog is a steamed, all-beef frank. The frank is nestled into a poppy seed bun, lined with mustard. Next come the onions, sweet pickle relish, tomatoes (half slices or wedges), a dill pickle spear, hot peppers and a sprinkle of celery salt. Don’t try to eat this while driving! Wait—did I mention ketchup? No! That’s a trick question! There’s no ketchup on a Chicago Style Hot Dog. If they serve ketchup, it’s for the fries that you must order on the side. Or maybe you prefer onion rings…

Fluky’s is given credit for inventing the “Depression Sandwich” as it was known during that era. Fluky’s first opened its doors at the corner of Maxwell and Halsted in 1929. Fluky’s is alive and well today, as are many of their competitors. They can be easily found anywhere in the city and no matter where you go, they’re great! So get out there and enjoy!


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