Friday, March 17, 2006

Speaker Spotlight: Thomas W. Jones, CG, CGL

Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL, is the NGS Quarterly editor, Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) trustee and past president, and a former Association of Professional Genealogists trustee. Tom’s interest in genealogy began in 1964. Since that time, his personal and professional research has taken him to records of all states east of the Mississippi, plus Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas. He can frequently be seen doing on-site research in courthouses, libraries, and archives across the country, including the Family History Library and other major genealogical repositories. Tom has also conducted research in records of France, Germany, and Ireland, and done on-site research in Ireland.
Keep Reading About Thomas Jones

A Certified Genealogist since 1994, Tom Jones is a genealogical educator who speaks and writes frequently on genealogical evidence, proof, and problem solving. He lectures at national conferences and institutes and has written several articles for the NGS Quarterly on analyzing difficult genealogical problems and developing sound conclusions. Tom is also a professor of education at Gallaudet University in Washington. D.C.

Tom Jones will be a featured speaker in the BCG track at the NGS 2006 conference. His two talks, Genealogical Skill Building: The What, Why & How and Problem Solving with Probate will provide attendees with valuable information about the skills and methods necessary to do quality genealogical research. In addition, he will be a participant, along with Connie Lenzen, CG, and Ellisa Scalise Powell, CG in the BCG Certification Workshop. Those with questions about the certification process and requirements are encouraged to attend this session.


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