Friday, April 21, 2006

Topic Focus: Italian Research (and Beyond!)

If your ancestors hailed from Italy, this year’s Conference in the States has something just for you. On Saturday, June 11, an ethnic track will focus on Italian Research.
Keep Reading About Italian Research

June C. DeLalio, CG will present Extracting Details from Italian Civil Records at 8am. June will discuss how to access these resources. Explanations of how Italian records differ, based on geographical area, time period, and the laws of the time will be provided. Italian State Archives: When & Why You Need Them will immediately follow. DeLalio will teach about determining what an archive has to offer and how to research at an archive. Richard Camaur, JD, CG will continue the day’s track with Researching Italian Church Records. Catholic Church records date back to 1565 in Italy. Learning how to find and evaluate these records will give your ancestral research a big boost. Finish up the day by attending the Italian Roundtable, led by Ms. DeLalio. This is a forum for researchers to learn from one another and to present their research problems.

If you know you have Italian roots, but haven’t determined what town your ancestors are from, you might find Thomas W. Jones’, PhD, CG, CGL presentation on Wednesday, June 7 at 4pm helpful. Five Proven Techniques for Finding Your European Ancestors will summarize “the challenges in learning the origins of European ancestors.” He will present techniques for proving that a person in a European record is your North American ancestor.

Additionally, you might want to attend the Central European track on Thursday, June 8th. Although not solely dedicated to Italy, this track does cover Italy to some extent. Starting at 8am, Richard Camaur will present four back-to-back presentations, starting with Beginning Your Research in Central Europe. This first lecture will cover how to access the records and locate important archives. Catholic Church Records: Precursor to Central European Civil Registration will follow at 9:30am. The discussion will revolve around using and accessing parish registers. Learn how to track down your ancestor’s military records at 11am by attending A Vital Key to Central European Research: Austrian Military Records. Finally, at 2:30pm, Camaur will facilitate a Central European Roundtable to allow attendees to share information and learn from one another on this topic.

This year’s conference is sure to give you some helpful clues to break down your Italian brick wall, or enhance your knowledge of your Italian kin. Happy hunting!


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