Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vendor Spotlight: The National Institute for Genealogical Studies

The Exhibitor Hall is the place to meet book sellers, software vendors and genealogy society representatives. Newcomers to national conferences will be pleased to learn that the Exhibitor Hall also spotlights the many educational opportunities available in the field of genealogy. One such exhibitor is the National Institute for Genealogical Studies (NIGS).
Keep Reading About NIGS

NIGS, in partnership with the University of Toronto, offers the world’s oldest comprehensive web-based certificate program in genealogical studies. According to Louise St. Denis, Managing Director of the Institute, the program is extremely popular. “To date, we have received over 30,000 course registrations. We believe the success is due in large part to the flexibility of the program.”

The Certificate in Genealogical Studies program is delivered entirely over the Internet. Each Monday morning, a message introduces the topic for the week. Students complete and submit their assignments to the Institute’s WebBoard for sharing with the instructor and other students. Optional online chat sessions are available. Individuals can sign up for the full certificate program or take single courses.

Online learning enables people from remote locations to participate in genealogy courses. Students presently registered range from the Yukon to Texas, from Newfoundland to California, and from as far away as Korea and the United Arab Emirates.

NIGS is an international organization providing educational opportunities for all those interested in professionalism in genealogy, from family historians to professional genealogists.

For a limited time, tuition for the course Methodology-Part 1: Getting Started will be offered at half the normal fee. For $40.00 registrants can take this complete course and experience the ease of study that online education provides. This offer expires June 15th, 2006.

See the Institute’s website at: www.genealogicalstudies.com for a list of courses, description of the course content and dates they are offered. Call 1-800-580-0165 for more information or to take advantage of the ‘half-fee’ methodology course.

Be sure to visit NIGS at Booth 219 in the Exhibitor Hall at NGS Chicago!


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