Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Work" Your Way to a Free Registration

Would you like an opportunity to attend the NGS conference free of charge AND do a good deed at the same time? Read on!
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NGS is seeking up to two people to attend the conference and take notes for hearing impaired attendees. The note takers would be required to attend the sessions that the hearing impaired visitors are interested in attending. There are so many wonderful sessions it is likely that the note takers will attend many lectures of interest!

NGS will offer the note taker/s a free registration and one free luncheon each.

If you have been considering attending the conference but were not sure that you could afford it, this is your opportunity! This offer is valued between $239-$274, so sharpen your pencils or charge your laptop battery and get ready for a great conference. Contact Jeanne Lund at for details.


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