Sunday, June 04, 2006

Help Wanted

That's right, these conferences don't just happen, they take hours of time and effort. You probably already knew that, having attended them before. We ask that you please read on...
See How You Can Help!

A couple of hours (or minutes) of your time will help make this conference a success. There are a few holes in our scheduling. Will you take a look and see if you can help us out? Perhaps you are already signed up for a luncheon that doesn't yet have a ticket taker. A few minutes taking tickets and you will have contributed to the conference. Maybe there is a session you plan to attend where a door monitor is needed. You will still get to hear the lecture. Your task will be to guide folks to their seats if need be, and let them know they are in the right room. Take a peek at what the CGC has left, and see if you can help us out.

Wednesday Needs
Registration Desk: Noon-3pm
Volunteer Room: 11am-3pm
Ticket Taker at the ICAPGEN Luncheon
Volunteers are needed in the following sessions:
11am- W105, W107, W109
12:15pm- W112
2:30pm- W114, W117, W119
4pm- W123, W126, W129, W121

Thursday Needs
Registration: 7:15am- Noon (2), Noon - 3pm (2)
Hospitality: 11-2 and 2-5
Ask Me: Many openings
BCG Luncheon T226, Ticket takers
8am T208, T209
9:30am T214, T209
11am T220, T222
12:15pm T226, T228
2:30pm T235, T237
4pm T239, T243, T244, T245, T237

Friday Needs
Registration: 10:45- Noon , Noon-1:30, 1:30-3pm
Volunteer Room: 7:30-9:45am
Hospitality: 7:45am-11am, 11am-2pm, 2pm-5pm
Ask Me: all areas
APG Luncheon F325- Ticket taker
FHL/GSU Luncheon F326- Ticket taker
8am F302, F306, F308, F309
9:30am F310, F311, F306, F309
11am F318
12:15pm F325, F327
2:30pm F329, F311, F332
4pm F337, F338, F332, F341

Saturday Needs
Registration: 7:15am-9am
Ask Me: All areas
Exhibit Support: 11am-2pm, 2pm-4:30pm
Volunteer Room: 2:15-4:15
8am S401, S403, S404, S408, S409
9:30am S410, S411, S412, S413, S414, S415, S409
11am S424, S425
2:30pm S431, S432
4pm S437, S438, S440, S441, S442, S443

To volunteer for one or more of the available slots contact Peg Gleich at the conference or on her cell phone at 608-289-1180. The CGC thanks you! We will be busy Monday arriving at the hotel and making preparations for the conference... the countdown begins.

See you in Chicago!


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